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Afghan Wireless (AWCC)

Afghan Wireless (AWCC) - one of the largest operators of mobile and wireless communications in Afghanistan. The company was established back in 2002, at the same time and was launched cellular communications. AWCC is a joint venture of American Systems International and the Afghan Ministry of Communications.


Etisalat Afghanistan

Etisalat - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, is a multinational UAE based telecommunications services provider, currently workinkg in 15 countries, including and in Afghanistan. Etisalat in this country is a newly established GSM operator, 90% owned by Etisalat owner.


MTN Afghanistan

MTN, formerly M-Cell, is a telecommunications operator in the Middle East and Africa. Through its legal entity Areeba, the company won the second GSM license in Afghanistan in July 2006 and was later re-branded to MTN in 2008.


Roshan (telco)

Roshan is the largest telecom provider in Afghanistan for now. Roshan’s GSM network reaches 240 cities and towns across all 34 provinces. The company introduced 3G in April 2013.


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