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Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Vodafone Hutchison Australia is the third telecom operator by subscribers in Australia. As a result of the merger of two major players in this market: companies Vodafone and Hutchison 3G, the organization was received with 7 million subscribers and 4 billion in annual revenue.

How to check balance?

There are 3 methods to receive your balance summary:

- call 1512 or send empty SMS for 1512 number to know your balance;

- install and using My Vodafone App to manage your account and check balance;

- go myvodafone.com.au and authorization or register.

How to know data usage on Vodafone Hutchison Australia?

If you want to check information about data usage on your mobile device you need:

- go to myvodafone.com.au and log in there or register if need be;

- from left you will see button «My Usage» and push it.

How to check my number?

If you need to know any information about your number you can take one of next tips:

1. Call 1555 to operator and provide SIM card number.

2. In iPhone you will see it in «My Number».

3. If your mobile at Android, that you can check number in «My Profile».

4. Call to another phone and check the caller ID.

Customer Support number for Vodafone Hutchison Australia

If you in every possible way could not solve your question or problem, we recommend that you contact customer support operator. There are always glad to help and advise vysluchayut how benefits can solve a particular issue. Contact the operator of one of the following ways:

- call 1555 from your Vodafone Australia mobile;

- dial 1300 650 410 if you call from another operator phone;

- +61 414 14 14 14 from other counries in roaming.


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