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Grameenphone - one of the largest companies in Bangladesh providing quality telecommunications services. At the moment, the operator has more than 50 million active subscribers on its network. Grameenphone is today is the largest operator in the country and is derived from the merger of the two companies, such as Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation.

At one time, Grameenphone was the first operator in Bangladesh, which has offered to subscribers of GSM communication and the first clock support to their customers.

How to check balance on Grameenphone?

If you want to check the balance of your mobile phone, you can do this as follows:

- in Bangla language you need to call 121111;

- in english - 121211.

How to check data usage?

As a rule, check the rest of the Internet packet traffic on your tariff plan in several ways, but all of them, one way or another, are reduced to one simple procedure:

- first you type the command 121121 for Bangla or 121221 for English, and then need to select the menu item for the respective tariff plan.

How to know campaign information on Grameenphone?

To check current campaign information please call 12113 or 12123, depending on the language in which you want information.

Also, if you need to specify the number and suddenly a list of connected on your rate of additional value added services, you can do it is by using the following combinations and commands: dial 12115 (for Bangla language) or 12125 (for English language).

How to call Grameenphone customer support?

If you want to free call for customer support you can dial 158 from your mobile device, but number 121 help to you query and cost Tk 0.50 for minute.


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