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Teletalk Bangladesh Limited - is the fifth largest mobile operator in the country. An organization based on the state telephone company in Bangladesh in December 2004.

Beginning in 2012, the operator offers abognentam not only GPRS and EDGE, and HSPA / HSDPA / 3G internet connection. At this point the operator Teletalk has about 4 million active subscribers.

How to check my Teletalk number?

If you need to know your own number you can write tar on your mobile device and send it to 222 number. After a while comes the reply message, which will be information about your phone number. If the balance can not be viewed, try to call 1515 and follow the instructions to know your balance or contact Teletalk Customer Care Center.

How to know balance?

To find your balance on your phone you just need to dial the mobile phone *152# combination that works for both prepaid and postpaid calling plans.

How to check data usage?

To clarify the rest of the Internet traffic on your tariff plan you can use the same version as in the case of checking your room above. More specifically, write tar and send it to 222.

Teletalk how toTeletalk Customer support

- General Information: call 121;

- Help Line [Postpaid]: 444;

- Help Line [Telecharge]: 852;

- Help Line [Prepaid]: 01550157750, 01550157760;

- Help Line [Corporate]: 267.


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