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Help for subscribers of mobile operators. FAQ, How to check balanse, to know data usage and number and more...


Cellcard - one of the largest telecommunications companies in Cambodia, which was founded back in 1998.

This company many know how CamGSM, which has been for many years in the country is the quality standard to provide communication services to its customers, puts the emphasis on value and customer service thanks to its own production base and ongoing work on the development and modernization of the network.

How do I check my own number?

If you want to know and see what your phone number and SIM card, you can use the call to number 877. This number can be used only to subscribers of prepaid system.

How do I check data usage?

The operator communication Cellcard is possible to connect different packages of internet traffic. In order to find out their status and balance you can dial a special combination of #823#.

How to check balance?

To check the status of your account mobile phone, you can always use the command: #124#, then you will need to press the digit 1.

If you do not find an answer in our article on this or that question, it can be done in the technical support of subscribers for one of Cellcard hotline number:

- call 812;

- dial 012812812.


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