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Metfone - is a leader in Cambodia in the number of mobile subscribers registered under this operator. Initially, the company was in the ranking only in eighth place, but in 2010 she became the first right.

Company Metfone initially and still offers its customers a very cheap service both wired and mobile communications, which are lower than the market 2-3 times.

How do I know the balance on Metfone?

To find out information about your balance you need to dial on your mobile phone simple combination * 097 # as when you're in Cambodia.

How do you know your number?

If you do not know your number and want to learn, you need to dial the mobile device dialing * 99 # and press the button to send the call.

If you need to know how many megabytes of internet traffic you spent or data usage send "CHECK" to 229.

Metfone Hotline customer support:

- for mobile by number 1777 or 0979097097;

Metfone how to- for 3G SERVICE - 1779;

- for Methome & fixed service - 976097097.

All dials cost 1 c/min for Metfone’s subsciber​.



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