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How to call international from China Mobile?

Recently, people have become very often calls not only within their own country, but also abroad. But not everyone knows that almost every mobile operator to do it on his own.

For example, a mobile operator, China Mobile calls are one of the following ways:

- if you want to call abroad or to make an international call from China with China Mobile phone to a local number, you need to type it in the following way: first, specify the exit code of China, then type country code of the country you are want to call and then area code of country. After all this, specify the number.

For example, you want to call a local or home number in Hong Kong 12141214, this simply dial 001 (Exit code Hong Kong) + 852 (Country Code) + 12141214. That's all.

- to make an international call to a mobile phone, you can:

If you want to call the mobile number 12314712312 to another country, for example in the United States, you need to dial the numbers like this: 011 (Exit Code United States) + 1 (country code of UK) + 12314712312.

For some countries, below you'll find these same codes:

How to call international from China Mobile- Mainland China Exit Code 00, country code 86; Macau EC 00, CC 85; Taiwan EC 002, CC 886; Australia EC 0011, CC 61; Canada EC 011, CC 1; Egypt EC 00, CC 20; Ireland EC 00, CC 353; New Zealand EC 00, CC 64; Singapore EC 001, CC 65; South Africa EC 09, CC 27; United Kingdom EC 00, CC 44.

We hope that the above information was useful to you and you alone have been able to make his first international call from a mobile phone China Mobile.


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