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How to check data usage on China Mobile?

In recent years, more and more people on our planet begins to use the mobile Internet. It is understandable, because it is very convenient, because you can get online directly from your mobile phone or similar device. And today is also very beneficial.

We all know that every mobile operator, there are different tariff plans provided by their mobile internet. In most cases, it is certain limited packages of internet traffic, which falls on spendable speed or limited access at all.

So, each user should be able to find out information about the remaining traffic and check data usage on its tariff. For example, a mobile operator, China Mobile is done in the following ways:

1. The most popular method is sending SMS with the text 1091 to 10086 number. This operation is free. And after a while you will receive an SMS with the text about how much data used by you and how much is remaining.

How to check data usage on China Mobile2. You can free calling to customer support service by 10086.

3. Also, you can find the rest of the traffic on the Internet on the website operator in the personal account of the subscriber.

Thus, on the basis of the above we can conclude that now you 100 percent know how to specify information about the data package usage by using a SIM card China Mobile.


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