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Vodafone Fiji

Vodafone Fiji is one of the largest mobile operators. At the moment, we know of more than 600,000 active subscribers registered in the network. Therefore, the company has positioned itself as a vigorous, grow and prosper with care about the world.

To date, the company has placed in Fiji more than 350 base stations, which offers subscribers to enjoy high-quality and stable connection.

How to check balance in Vodafone Fiji?

If you want to know the balance of your mobile device, you can use one of the following ways:

- For gives breakdown of balance you can type *131#;

- Also you can check balance by command *124*1#.

To know all about Vodafone Fiji Internet Packages you can type *555# and you will receive comprehensive information on all tariff plans on the Internet in this company.

How to know my own number?

In order to get the phone number that you use you will need to dial the command *999# or try to call any your friend and ask him to call your number.

Recharge Options available to you on the combination *124*2# and to top-up your phone you need to dial *124*2*1#, if someone else, then *124*2*2#.

Vodafone Fiji how toIf you are faced with an insoluble questions or problems, we strongly recommend that you contact support Vodafone Fiji:

- Free hotline number you can call 124;

- Charged hotline - 123;

- For international users - 679 9902123.


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