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Geocell - the largest to date mobile operator in Georgia. The company was founded in late 1996 without the involvement of investment from Turkey. In 2001, Geocell began to provide its customers and communications at a frequency of 1800 MHz. To date, the company has covered their networks almost 98% of the country.

How to check Geocell balance?

In order to know the balance on your tariff plan you need to dial the mobile device by dialing *120# and press the button to send the call. After that, after a while the screen displays the account balance. Also, in addition can be said about the second method, which is a call to the phone number 705011.

If you use a link Lailai, in this case, check balance proivodit the following ways:

- Dial *100#;

- Call 7010.

Geocell internet packages:

- 500 MB (activate by *135*1#) 3 GEL per month;

- 1.2 GB (*135*2#) 5 GEL per month;

- 2 GB (*135*3#) 7 GEL per month;

- 4 GB (*135*4#) 10 GEL per month;

- 6 GB (*135*5#) 15 GEL per month;

- 15 GB (*135*6#) 30 GEL per month.

Geocell how toHow to check data usage and spent trafic?

For this you can use the following options:

- Send SMS with "?" for 7072;

- Type *135# and press OK.

If you do not find the answer to your question among the above, you can always ask your questions to the support of Geocell. You can do this as follows:

- Call the number 110110;

- Fax: (+99532) 2,770,101

- Send E-mail for cc@geocell.com.ge


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