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Docomo Pacific

Docomo Pacific - is the largest telecom operator on Guam. There was a company from the merger Guamcell and HafaTel, then was acquired by the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo.

In 2008, Docomo Pacific launched the first network on Guam 3.5G, and in 2011 4G HSPA and 4G LTE in 2012, respectively. In 2013, Docomo Pacific Association officially passed and can now continue to provide full and expanding the list of services to their subscribers.

How to check balance?

To check the status of your account on the operator Docomo Pacific You need to do one of the following procedures:

- Dial *112*# and type ok;

- Call *110*# to access the Menu Screen. Then type 1 for know your balance;

- Dial 555.

How to charge with a credit card?

If you want to top up your balance directly from your credit card, you can do it from your mobile device. To do this, go to the Menu Screen by *110*#, then select the menu item by pressing the correct number. Enter the amount of recharge and your credit card data. After a while, if all goes well, your balance will be credited.

Docomo Pacific internet packages:

- Unli Data Local Data for 1 Day $ 1.95, 3 Days $ 5.50, 5 Days $ 9.00;

- Unli All Local Calls, Sms & Data for 1 Day $ 2.95, 3 Days $ 8.00, 5 Days $ 13.00;

- Pay As You Go Rates for $ 0.10 per MB.

If you do not find the answer to your question in this material, how to know number, data usage, about roaming, you can always contact Customer care Docomo Pacific on the following contact details:

- +1671688;

- +1866688;

- 2273 or 4826 from your mobile device.


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