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Airtel - is the largest mobile operator and second in the number of fixed-line users in India. At the moment, the number of active cellular subscribers Airtel Bharti comes close to 200 million.

Thus the company has a small lead over its nearest competitors, which also come on the heels of him. The operator, in turn, is ready to offer its new customers a full range of mobile communications GSM-900/1800 (EDGE), 2100 MHz UMTS, HSPA + and 2300 MHz TD-LTE, respectively. Further, in the article we will talk about some of the issues and problems that are somehow self-subscribers can not solve, they do not know the right combinations or commands, or just simply forgotten them.

How to check balance on Airtel?

To check the status of your personal account on the mobile device and get to know the current balance, you can use the following methods:

- type *123# and wait;

- *123*2# to obtain a balance in a message.

In cases where you need to find the rest of the internet traffic or data usage 3G, you can simply dial the usual command *123*11#. Also you can use *123*7# or *123*10# to check GPRS Data.

How to recharge balance with a Prepaid card?

If you want to top up your balance using a prepaid card, you can do it this way:

- Call the number 123;

- Enter the 16-digit number of prepaid cards;

- Click on OK and wait for activation of the card for a few seconds;

- Now you can use - the balance credited.

Airtel India how toHow to check number on Airtel?

To find out your phone number, you can use the following methods:

- type *140*1600# and press OK;

- type *282# and click OK;

- Call your relative or friend and ask him to dictate to you by your mobile phone number.

My account on Airtel: register and login

Due to the fact that the company offers its clients access to your personal account on the operator's website, all registered subscribers can use it many advantages:

- Know the current balance of the tariff plan;Airtel India customer

- To connect and disconnect services and options;

- To make the details of calls and conversations;

- Perform other various operations.

To register in your account you have to enter into a special box your phone number and receive a code via SMS. You can also enter through their accounts on Facebook or Google.

Airtel Customer Care Support Hotline:

In most cases, due to the operator and voice support for subscribers using dedicated short code 12150. If you call on him you can not, you can always specify on the official website of the operator a local number for your region and call on it.


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