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NTT docomo

NTT DoCoMo - by far the largest service provider in Japan. The company offers its customers a variety of services, including phone, video phone (FOMA and Some PHS), i-mode (internet), and mail (i-mode mail, Short Mail, and SMS) services.

NTT DoCoMo was born back in 1991 because of the radiance of the two companies Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). At this time, the operator offers the following communication standards: 800 (band VI) / 1700 (IX) / 2100 (I) MHz UMTS, HSPA 800 (19) / 1500 (21) / 1800 (3) / 2100 (1) MHz LTE.

What doing if You Forget Your PIN or password?

If you have a problem tems that you for some reason forget Your PIN or password, you should not in any case immediately upset, because you can easily restore them using confirmed, reset, reissued from My docomo or at a docomo Shop. How to do it, you can read on the official website of the operator.

NTT DoCoMo internet packages:

Not so long ago, the company launched a new tariff plan for mobile Internet users "Kakehodai & Pake dress" for iPhone or Xi smartphone, which you can read more here.

NTT DoCoMo payment methods:

- By Automatic Payment from a designated bank account;

- By Credit Card of your credit card company who can charged your phone balancemonthly;

- By Bill in Shops and Financial Institutions that Handle DOCOMO Charges Payment or Payment by Mobile Regi;

- Without a Bill, charges by i-mode or PC.

NTT docomo international callHow to Make and Receive international Calls in NTT DoCoMo?

Now there are several options for committing international call from Japan:

- Calling Japan;

- Calling another WORLD WING user;

- Calling a non-DOCOMO roaming phone.

And so, to call from Japan to another mobile or a local number you can dial the + - country code - 0 - phone number with area code. Number 0 in some cases, should not be used (eg + 22 999 999 999 0). Codes can be found here.

To call to Japan from the country of your stay you need to dial: + - 81 - phone number with area code (+ 81 99999999999).NTT docomo how to

NTT DoCoMo support customer hotline:

1. From DOCOMO mobile phones call 151 (free, in Japanese only) 9 am to 8 pm.

2. From DOCOMO mobile phones call 113 (free, in Japanese only) 24 hours a day.

3. From landline phones in Japanese only 0120-800-000 or in English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish by 0120-005-250.

4. WORLD CALL and International 0120-196-360 in Japanese only.


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