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Help for subscribers of mobile operators. FAQ, How to check balanse, to know data usage and number and more...


Kcell - by far the largest mobile operator in Kazakhstan, in addition to Beeline and Tele2. The company is ready to offer its customers high-quality and low-cost mobile communication standard GSM-900/1800 and UMTS / WCDMA 2100.

The operator Kcell, in principle, not so young - the organization was founded in 1998, and a year later the company already provides communication services in their country. By 2014, the number of its active subscribers reached more than 14 million users. Next we will tell you about some aspects of care the company's subscribers, let's talk about how you can check your balance, check the price, how to call customer support and much more.

How to know your tariff plan?

If you have a need to know the name of your service plan that you use in the above statement, you do this you can set by a simple combination of *166*2# and then press the button to send the call.

How to check balance on Kcell?

For this you can use on of next methods to control your phone or mobile device balance:

- USSD command *100#;

- USSD *123*3*1#;

- send SMS with text BAL to 100 number;

- charge call to 100 by 26.54 tenge per minute;

Kcell how to- use Activ INFO on your phone.

Most popular KCell tariff plans are 11, Prime, Kurmet Basic and Kcell Connect.

Kcell internet packages:

- Mobile Internet Plus (from 10MB to 100MB, check data usage by *444*1*3#);

- Unlimited Internet L and XL for Smartphone, Tablet PC or Modem;- Unlimited Nighttime Internet.

How to international call in Kazakhstan?

To call for any KZ number from roaming you need dialing: + [country area code][city area code/network code][then mobile or landline number]

Kcell customer support hotline:Kcell international call

In order to get through to the operator, please select one of the following ways:

1. From Kcell mobile phone you can call 9090 24/7.

2. Also you can call from mobile or landline phone by number 8(727)258-83-00.


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