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TSKL - she's Telecom Services Kiribati Limited, the only company in the Republic of Kiribati, which offers telecom services and the Internet. In addition to standard and modern services, the operator is always ready to offer, facsimile and telegrams.

How to check balance TSKL?

For this you can use free simply USSD command as *142# and then press OK.

How to know your number?

To find out your mobile number, you can ask your friends or relatives it to inform you when you try to call them, as it is displayed on the screen of their mobile device or just simply dial combination *145#.

You would also be useful information that you can quickly top-up your Account by command *141*9999999999# (9999999999 - your mobile phone number).

TSKL internet packages


- Karuoruo 500 MB for $30.00

- Katete 2GB $75.00

- Kamaimai 6GB $250.00

TSKL how to- Karebwerebwe 15GB $500.00

By the way, if you want to call to Emergency Services you can dial 199, for Voicemail Access by 777, Shipping Info - 1050, 1055 - Weather Info, 1059 Airport Info.

TSKL hotline customer service support:

- Bairiki (Main Office): (686) 20702, 20703, 20704 Fax (686) 21416;

- Bikenibeu Branch: (686) 28005, 28180, 28259, Fax(686) 28004;

- Betio Branch:(686) 26422, 26437, 26280, Fax(686) 26507;

- Kiritimati Branch: (686) 81206, 81414, 81145, Fax(686) 81201.


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