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Help for subscribers of mobile operators. FAQ, How to check balanse, to know data usage and number and more...


MegaCom is the largest telecom operator in Kyrgyzstan, providing its subscribers with GSM-900/1800 MHz (GPRS, EDGE), 2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA + and DC-HSPA +. At the moment, the number of active subscribers of the company have long exceeded 3 million. In general MegaCom network covers the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan, including Bishkek and its surroundings.

At present the company provides its clients roaming services in more than 180 countries in the networks of 450 operators. Further, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some features of usage of the above statement, nuances and emerging issues for the subscribers of the company.

How to check balance?

If you want to check the status of your account and money lying on the balance of your phone, you need to use a USSD combination of *500#, then you have to press a button to send the call.

How to know number and tariff?

Some users sometimes have a desire to check your number and tariff plan, as often clients of mobile operators forget their personal mobile number and then can not tell it to anyone, much less to fill up. A data plan is also important to know to always be aware of how the billing is done on it and how much money you have to remove the operator. So, to learn at the same time and the number and the current rate you can use the USSD command *112#.

MegaCom internet packages:

- Internet for Children;

- The Education option;

- Unlim24;

- Unlimited Internet 100;

MegaCom how to- «Unlimited Internet» tariff option;

- Internet Packages 35+, 60+, 125+, 300+, 500+, 1GB+, 2GB.

MegaCom tariff plans are: Like, DEVICE, «559», International, «All included», «HIT», «Tunuk», «Fast Internet».

SMS–center for options is +996555500005.

If you need to solve more complex issue or problem, we recommend that you contact MegaCom Customer care on the company's hotline numbers:

- Free Support Service by *500;

- Inquiries on Service Quality by *300;

- Paid Customer Support Service by *505;

- +996 555 500000 for Support Service for other networks subscribers.


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