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Lao Telecom

Lao Telecom - the bottom of the oldest and largest provider of communications services in Laos. The beginning of its formation takes in late 1993 still in Vietnam and in 1996 the company began to fully provide telecom services and the Internet to their subscribers.

At the moment, the operator has about 2 million active subscribers and offer them opportunity to use the format of GSM-900/1800 MHz (GPRS, EDGE) and 2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA (14.4 Mbit/s).

We now offer to pay your attention to a few things that definitely need to submit, so how to find this information in the network is very difficult.

How to check balance on Lao Telecom?

As with all mobile operators in Laos, find out the exact information about your account and your balance, you can use a special USSD combination *122#.

How to know number?

To find out your own phone number to replenish its balance sheet or to give it to your friends rodstennikam or you can dial *110# and it will appear on the screen of your mobile device.

Lao Telecom international callInternational calls on Lao Telecom

If you want to call outside of Laos or you left the country and now you need to call home, the following tables are presented for you. They are further discussed options for making phone calls from within the country and in the opposite direction.

Lao Telecom internet packagesLao Telecom international calls

At present the company provides its customers a variety of packages of internet traffic, as both home and mobile. Among the latter species are found as limited packages and unlimited terms ranging from one to 12 months.Lao Telecom internet

If you are on our website, for whatever reason do not find the answer to your question on the above operator, you can always ask him to support the company on its hotline number 101.


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