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CITIC Telecom (CTM) - the largest telecommunications company in Macau, which at one time received a license from the government to carry out activities in the field of communications. The company history begins in the distant 1981 and is currently the operator is ready to offer its customers high-quality wireless communication and Internet access.

Today the company offers new and existing customers profitable Prepaid Cards, for regional use at home on Face Value Amounts: $50, and for users roaming on the Face Value Amounts: $50, $100 & $130.

In addition, the operator can also offer interesting and Internet packages:

- Home Broadband 1.5;

- Home Broadband 3.0;

- Home Broadband 4.0;

- Home Broadband 7.0;

- Home Broadband 15;

- Home Fiber Broadband;

- I.Campus 3.0.

Their main differences are in the download speed of traffic and volume provided. To learn data usage you need to visit your personal account on the site operator, register there and enter.

How to check balance inquiry on CTM Macau?

CTM how toTo find out the status of your account and the balance of the mobile device you need to contact your personal cabinet eServices on the official website of the operator. Complete a simple registration procedure, if you have not already done so. Then log in to the system and will lead you to your personal page, which displays information about your tariff plan, current balance, internet traffic and mngom other. Here you can completely control everything, connect and disconnect additional services, watch your communication costs.

CTM Macau hotline support service care:

- send e-mail to helpdesk@macau.ctm.net;

- call One-stop Service Express Hotline 6613 0002;

- call Online No.1 Hotline 1000.


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