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Dhiraagu - is the first in the Maldives telecommunications company founded back in 1988 (also Connection of Maldives). In 1996, the first time an operator has offered the services of Dial Up Internet, and in 1999 appeared and GSM communication. In 2010, Dhiraagu starts offering its subscribers access to the network 3G, and in 2013 4G LTE.

Today the company has about 400,000 active subscribers registered in the network.

How to check balance?

If you want to check your Dhiraagu account balance you can press *142# and your balance displayed on screen of your device. Also you can call 152 to getting information about your balance.

How to top up or recharge?

If you want to make one of the above operations, you should do it like this:type *141* 16-digit voucher number, than symbol # and press OK or SEND. For Example: *141*9999999999#, 9999999999 - your phone number. Also you can call 151 and follow instructions to successfully recharged your mobile device.

How to transfer credit?

To do this, you need to activate and connect to your phone number special service Quick Transfer by sending SMS with text "REGISTER" to 144 number. After that you will receive a PIN. Now, in order to transfer credit you need to send SMS with the following combination: [TRANSFER][PIN][recipient mobile number][amount].

Each SMS to 144 is cost MVR 1.

Dhiraagu tarif plansThe company is ready to offer its customers a whole lot of different tariff plans, both for communication and for access to the network internet packages, the latter of which is becoming more popular in this country for many reasons, including:

- Largest and fastest 3G / 4G LTE network in the country;

- Plans for all mobile devices;

- The biggest data allowance up to 15GB.

How to check Dhiraagu data usage?

There are two simply methods:

- type blank SMS to 727 number;

- call *123*6*3#.

To check your Dhiraagu ADSL data balance you need go to official website and log in to the system with your data.

How to call international from Dhiraagu mobile?

If you want to call from your mobile phone abroad, then it can be done in the following way: typing on her mobile phone number starting with "00" or "+", than type country  and city area code and number of subscriber. For example, if you need to call Thailand: [00]or[+][66][local or mobile number]. Eg. 00669999999 for call to 9999999 number.Dhiraagu internet packages

If you have any other outstanding issues or problems with communication, you can always solve them with the help of Dhiraagu Customer Service Hotline Care:

- All Enquiries/ Complaint/ Fault Reporting 123;

- Directory Enquiries 110;

- Dhiraagu Operator 3322802;

- From abroad +960 3338887.


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