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Mobicom Corporation - is by far the largest mobile operator in Mongolia. The number of active subscribers have long exceeded one million. The company came into being in late 1996 and currently offers its customers high-quality communication services standards: GSM-900/1800 MHz (GPRS, EDGE), 2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA + and DC-HSPA +.

In addition to mobile communications, the company can provide and international communications, the Internet and satellite communications. Prepaid services are sold only through Newtel LLC.

How to check balance on tourist simcard?

For this you need to send text “C” to number 111.

How to pay bill?

If you want to charge your mobile phone or internet you can pay bill by next ways:

- service hall;

- Mobile dealers;

- Most money service;

- www.mobicom.mn electronic web site;

- E-billing service or ATM service.

How to check data usage on Mobicom?

For this you can send any texts in SMS to the 510 number and you can see monitoring of your internet packages and data used.

Mobicom how toIf you would like more information about the available tariff plans operator, about how you can enable or disable a particular service, how to make an international call, then all of these and other cases, we recommend that you contact Mobicom Customer Care Hotline Support Service:

- call 2222 to Service center;

- dial 2222-1-1 to Service reference, 2222-1-2 to Mobile service, 2222-1-3 to Internet service or 2222-1-4 to MobiXpress service;

- call 11312222 to connect from other numbers;

- call 75772222 to connect from abroad and roaming numbers.

Also you can write to operator by e-mail: customercare@mobicom.mn or take your question in Online chat.


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