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Digicel Nauru

Digicel - the largest telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, Central America and Oceania. At the moment, the operator has about 13 million active subscribers, about 7,000 of which are coupled to the micro-island of Nauru. Since the island is quite small and situated far for the current day is not yet available to users communicate only GSM-900.

How to check balance?

If you have a need to check the status of your account balance on your mobile device, you can do this as follows: type *120# and than press send or call button and your balance is displayed on screen.

Top up on Digicel Nauru can be purchased at one of the offices of the operator on the island. At the moment, available to buy cards of various denominations from $ 0.50 to $ 100. For more information on the acquisition and use, you can get on the phone support.

Digicel Nauru internet packages:

- 0.5GB for 10 days with speed Up to 128/64 for $20;

- 2.5GB for 30 days with speed Up to 128/64 for $45;

- 5GB for 30 days with speed Up to 256/128 for $80;

- 9GB for 30 days with speed Up to 512/128 for $120;

Digicel Nauru helpIf this article you have not found the answer to your question, for example, how to make an international call or check data usage, you can always specify the information on the official website of the operator or contact Digicel Nauru Customer Care Support Hotline:

- free call 123. 24 hours every day;

- for Directory assistance charged call to 126. This number also work 24 hours every day.


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