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OPT - is the largest telecom operator in New Caledonia. With a workforce of more than 1,000 agents and a variety of missions in the heart of the daily operation of all Caledonians, the Office of Post and Telecommunications of New Caledonia (OPT-NC) is one of the most important public institutions the country, including this network throughout the Mainland and Islands serves users in even the most remote locations.

Through innovation and facilitating access to means of communication to the greatest number, the OPT-NC continues its daily mission of public service efforts and ensure its development role of the territory. These requirements are governed by the Code of Posts and Telecommunications of New Caledonia.

The commercial network of the OPT-NC covers the entire territory and has 37 branches and 15 appendices wickets, 56 mobile station circuits, 58 rounds factors and more than 500 contact points "OPT retailers" and "distributors Mobilis".

How to pay my bill?

Your invoice mention the amount for the next two months, subscriptions, packages or options you have subscribed to, and the amount of communications the previous two months. We offer several payment methods including debit and credit card, the TIP, checks and cash.

How to check voicemail?

To access your mail from your landline, dial 577. To access your email remotely, you must first have defined and set a secret code that will be asked during the consultation of your mail. To set this code, go to your mailbox (from your fixed line) by dialing 577 and then follow the instructions. Then, to access mail from your fixed line, simply dial 567 from a mobile line or other fixed line in New Caledonia. If you are abroad, you should dial +687 234 567.

opt mobile ncHow to know available credit on your account?

For the amount available in your account you can simply call 1088 (free call) and then # 3. Good to know when your credit is less than 200 F HT, an announcement will inform you at the beginning of each call. So you are not caught off guard and can think up your credit before it gets to exhaustion.

If you do not find on our site you are interested in information, such as how to check a balance, tariff, or heck data usage, international calls, internet packages, you will not be upset, and you should try to visit the official site operator or contact OPT Customer Care Support Hotline by number 1000.


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