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Vodafone NZ

Vodafone - is the largest at the moment operator in New Zealand. Since 1998, the number of active subscribers increased more than 10 times, and now their number is about 2.5 million users. In 2013, the company launched the 4G LTE and now provides its customers with high-quality communications standards 900/1800 MHz GSM (GPRS), 900/2100 MHz UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+ and 700/1800 MHz LTE.

How to know your number?

If you need to check what you are actually a cell phone number, then you can do so by sending an SMS with text "number" to 521. In reply you will get your number.

How to check balance in Vodafone New Zealand?

To find out the status of your account and check the balance of your mobile phone, you can use one of the convenient options for you:

- send from your mobile device SMS with text "BAL" to 777 number;

- call free 0508 888800 to checking account balance;

- use the "My Vodafone" on official website, where you also see minutes and SMS packages used.

How to check data usage?

In cases where customers need to check the rest of Internet traffic and the data usage you can use one of the following ways:

- use "My Vodafone", log in and press "How I'm tracking" for check data usage;

- install on your Android or iOS device "My Vodafone app" and log in;

- send free SMS with text "BAL" to 777.

Vodafone New Zealand check balanceVodafone New Zealand internet packages:

1. Data 20 › 500MB data costs $20 for 30 days.

2. Data 30 › 1GB data costs $30 for 30 days.

3. Data 50 › 3GB data costs $50 for 3 months.

4. Data 80 › 5GB data costs $80 for 6 months.

How to block number in Vodafone NZ?

To perform this operation, you can use a special service at the above operator - "Blacklist". Below is a list of commands that you can use and send them to 713 number:

- block and ddd a number to Blacklist – BLACKLIST ADD (mobile number);

- see your blacklist - BLACKLIST SHOW;

- unblock number - BLACKLIST REMOVE (mobile number);

- to view help information about "Blacklist" - BLACKLIST HELP.

How to buy Best Mate?Vodafone New Zealand buy best mate

If you want to buy s, then you should follow the simple instructions to do so. Set up your Best Mate with My Vodafone on official homepage, calling 777 or use the text method:

- send the desired Best Mate phone number to 300 to find unoccupied;

- to set up send text MATE # (# - Best Mate mobile number) to 756.

If you do not find in this article some other useful information for you, such as an international call, information about the tariff plans of the operator, or anything else, you can always seek help from the official website of the company or in Vodafone New Zealand Customer Care Support Hotline:

1. From mobile call 777.

2. From landline phones dial 0800 800 021.

3. From roaming and overseas call +64 9 355 2007.

4. To call Technical Support dial to 0800 921 021.


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