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Communications in Pakistan

the Internet
Network technologies in cities are quite widespread, Internet cafes can be found on almost all the main streets. In the provinces, the situation with the Network is much more complicated; in most settlements, access points can only be found in office complexes, by mail and in some libraries. However, the cost of connecting at a relatively low speed (an average of 128 Kbps) is everywhere equally small - from $ 0.25 to $ 0.5 per hour.
Mobile communications in Pakistan are growing at a literally explosive pace - over the past six years, the number of cellular network subscribers has grown from 300 thousand to 50 million! Cell phones almost replaced all other means of communication, so the coverage in the area of ​​the main cities is quite dense, only in the mountainous and desert areas the communication is unstable.

Telephone communications

Pakistan's telecommunications system is growing rapidly. Despite the fact that 90% of investments in this industry are in mobile communications, over the past 5 years, cable lines have been actively transferred to a modern hardware base. At the same time, the quality of communication in the province remains at a rather low level.

You can make calls within major cities from public payphones using prepaid cards of various sizes, sold at telephone company offices, in many stores, kiosks, and gas stations. Cost of 1 minute of conversation within the limits of one settlement - 4 PKR - 5 PKR. Not all payphones have direct access to the IDD international communication system (most often they are found near large shopping centers, offices and transport institutions); in the province, a call to another country is often possible only from the post office. The cost of 1 minute of conversation with Moscow ranges from 65 PKR to 80 PKR, depending on the time of day and the policy of the telephone company.

The international country code is 92. The international dialing code is 00. The codes of some cities are: Karachi - 21, Hyderabad - 22, Sahival - 40, Faisalabad - 41, Lahore - 42, Okara - 44, Sargodha - 48, Kasur - 49, Islamabad and Rawalpindi - 51, Sialkot - 52, Gujrat - 53, Gujranvala - 55, Multan - 61, Bahavalpur - 62, Deragazihan - 64, Haneval - 65, Muzaffargarh - 66, Sukkur - 71, Quetta - 81, Peshawar and Charsadda - 91, Mardan - 937, Mirpurhas - 233, Navabshah - 244, Bhakkar - 453, Khushab - 454, Chakval - 543, Shikarpur - 726.


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